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Thank you for your regular visits and contributions to this blog which I started a year ago. I have now set up my own blog site so please go to from now on to read my new posts and add your comments.   Don’t forget to change your bookmark to this new site.

親愛的好朋友:一年前我開始在 wordpress 用 blog 跟一些好朋友分享人生經驗。我一直鼓勵年輕人不要怕英文,讓自己有機會多接觸英文,因此決定在我與讀者的回應中用最簡單的口語英文互動 – 真正的原因是我不會中文打字 🙂

我決定建立自己的網址 ,更進一步的實驗 blog 的永續經營模式,讓我們成為一輩子的學習分享伙伴。 煩請重新設定我的blog網址為


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  1. Hi Ping Chu,

    Thank you very much for sharing with me and young fellows of Taipei Rotary New East Club many of your thoughts Saturday afternoon. I trust those young fellows must have been inspired intellecturally in many perspectives no less than what I have been inspired.

    One question I had in that first raining day of this winter yet did not have time to ask you is this: you mentioned that Aveda aims to combine work environment into life style for every of its associates. Is this an element you believe what a good enterprise in the future should possess or simply one responsibility you expect Aveda to take?

    I agree with your 1% concept. I have been in your cafe a couple of times and will do it more often.

    Let me expess on behalf of Taipei New East Rotary Club our gratitude for your taking our young fellows a valuable journey of intellectural exploration.

    Hope to meet you often in your blog.


    Michael Hong
    Vice President of Taipei New East Rotary Club

  2. Dear Michael
    Thank you for your kind words. It was a joy to spend quality time with Taipei New East rotary young members. Please go to my new blog for all future interactions. This wordpress blog is no longer updated. I will transfer your comment to my new blog and answer from there.


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