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因為我發現絕大多數的人都願意改變,但力不從心,往往難以踏出改變的第一步。尤其對成為覺醒的消費者,用“we vote with what we buy” 的社會責任消費觀來改變社會,只停留在說,很少做的階段。因此我再一次提出一個每個人都可以做的新思維:只要我們在一百次的消費中,有一次做到 “we vote with what we buy” 的消費行為即可。

我自己不是聖人,我也從不要求每一個人是聖人。我們都有自私自利的時候,我只希望我們有1%的覺醒。在一百次消費中,有一次購買不污染世界的環保產品。在一百次消費中,有一次去支持合乎您價值觀的企業及團體。在一百次消費中,有一次參與公益捐助行動。在一百次消費中,有一次是不在乎“對我有甚麼好處”(what’s in it for me?) 而在乎“我如何能參與”(how can I contribute?)。

我相信當我們能做到1%時,就會開始正向的循環,這種1%的good feeling會成為一個強大的驅動力,讓你有意識的要做到2%,3%,10%, 50%。您的人生價值觀,您的品格,您的魅力,都會因此而改變。

1%是讓我們從 be inspired 進入 get involved 到最後 take action。因此不要低估這1%概念的威力,它的力量能促使自己踏出改变的第一步。

這世界上的改變,永遠是從一小群人開始的。這一小群人也是從1%的覺醒 與行動開始的。


6 Responses

  1. BRAVO!!! 只要有1%的讀者以行動來支持你的看法, 我們的社會滿有希望! 謝謝你的努力. 願我們從自己開始, 從現在開始.

  2. Dear Freda:

    Thank you for dropping in. Your comments are alwasy our inspiration. I start this 1% movement to free people from procrastination and cynical attitude.

    I am extrememly happy to see you here.

    How is Tony and you two brilliant kids?. Please ask them to join the conversation. I may be in the position to help him if they are in the mid of job /life strrggle.



  3. 很棒的想法! 應該好好的推廣出去! 人是很健忘的!
    要屢次的被提醒! 我們都知道環保的重要!
    感謝您的智慧與分享! 我想引用喔!

  4. Hello, Ping,

    It’s really great to see you work so hard for trying to awake people’s conscious to contribute their share in improving the society they are in. I have to solute you for the efforts you put to better our homeland as evidenced all over the place on your website.

    Frankly, I am surprised to see such a contentful screen in front of me upon entering this site. Then again, knowing you personally, I shouldn’t be surprised after all. May I venture to say that this exchange, intellectually, educationally or otherwise, between you and your readers must be the most gratifying of all your works. Keep it up, our homeland needs more people like you!

    I have a feeling that for the first time in my life, I am developing a passion for writing now and a few friends suggested me to set up my own blog. However, it hasn’t stuck in my head yet, for I still have a long way to go before I can be as comfortable as you are in conversing with your readers.

    Truely a good man, you are.

    Ru-Ling (Gi)

  5. Dear Tshung Chuan:

    Of course, you can share this article with your friends.

    The idea of 1% is to tell people that we all can culitvate a new habit by taking tiny baby steps. We do all these good deeds in order to get to know ourselves. This is motivated by self interest. We don’t do this 1% behavior change for the sake of noble cause. We do it because we want to do it. We are only accountable for our own behavior, not even to society expectation.

    Let’s start this 1% movement.


  6. Ru-Ling Dear:

    You are definitely biased.

    I am just having fun here. Yes, I do think the only way to change the world is by changing oureselves first.

    You should take action, instead of contemplating. It is really reasy to set up your blog. Please visit the http://www.wordpress.com and chose one template that you like. Here you go. You can talk to the world. It is also free.

    I truly believe that next big movement in the web 3.0 is the expert generated contents. The user generated contents ( web 2.0) have created a paradox of choice for most of people. We only have limited time to browse the web. I will be the first one to encourage people to go running or do outdoor activity, instead of reading anyone’s blog.

    We don’t want to waste our time on the frivilous contents that are fun to view, but really did not make an impact in your growth, intellectually or spiritually.

    We need to start a dialogue that can stimulate our creative spirit, awaken our long lost innocence and replenish our passion.

    I still think that I am blessed with all these wonderful readers who are willing to invest their time to encourage me and create this platform with me.

    It is part of their blog too.

    Thank you again for sharing your impeccable English writing on my blog. I am impressed by your English writing.

    Please enjoy the third phase in your life.



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