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我一直相信互動分享是 internet 的重要特色。最近很高興接受了一位天下雜誌年輕記者呂莉莉用電話訪問我,然後在天下雜誌的影音網站上跟更多人分享。我非常喜歡這樣的電話專訪,如此不但我可以在任何地方,任何時間,都可以用電話做錄音專訪, 更是能成為節能減碳的現代公民。雖然在短短幾分鐘很難做深入的訪談,的確是我的一個新的體驗。 http://www.cw.com.tw/article/index.jsp?id=34882


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  1. 我在這近幾年來也不斷深刻體驗到,一個美好品質的生活有兩個必要元素,一個就是需要不斷與人互動交流,同時,跟自己獨處、與自己對話絕對是同等重要的。再忙碌,都需要讓自己停下腳步好好呼吸一下~!

  2. Dear Lisa:

    Please remember you already have a best friend within. This best friend will never leave you if you spend time with him/her. Please not only to get to know yourself, but more importantly, to create a new you by constantly expose yourself with positive and creative people.

    Thank you for your comment.


  3. Hi Ping,

    I totally enjoy browsing through your blog, thanks for creating such an inspirational spot!

    I am just a little curious about the reason you reply to others’ comments not in Chinese but in English? Personally I feel that your replies are equally inspirational as your original pieces of writing, but not everyone can capture the essence of what you are trying to express if it’s not written in Chinese. Is English your 1st language? (I see some areas that you can make minor changes to make it flow better; not that it’s grammatical error, but just some small things)


    Curious V

  4. Dear Curious V:

    You are too kind. My English needs more than just flow better. I simply cannot type in Chinese. I am too lazy and too stupid to learn how to key in Chinese character. I usually hand written a Chinese draft and ask my team to type in Chinese for me.

    I also think people who visit my blog should not being afraid of English. I want to create an English friendly environment. My writing is only in junior high school level anyway. I don’t know how to use big words either.

    My vision is that Taiwan should be a bilingual society 100 years from now. Why not starting now and from us. 🙂

    Love your comments. Please share your unique life experience with us. I want to start a silent conspiracy to integrate more western values into our Chinese tradition values so our future generation can see the world differently and become a global citizen.


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